Photography is part of me

Photography is part of me, it allows me to see and search other angles of the same place. I want to find what is different, what is relevant and what is special and share it with others.

My name is Antoni Díaz, I was born in the city of Girona on October 13, 1965. My approach to photography began four years ago with the purchase of my first DSLR, a Nikon D3000; which allowed me to know the different techniques and the operative mechanics. Two years ago I took the big step towards the world of the full frame with the purchase of a Nikon D750.

My great passion, photography, comes together with the Costa Brava and, specially Girona and it’s surroundings, an incomparable setting to learn every day.

Throughout our lives we live and share moments and sensations that take us to that precise moment in which the photo was taken, although it has been a long time ago. Photos have the power to make us revive in seconds those stories and emotions of the past.